Call & SMS Text Message Logs

This very smart and powerful software enables you to check and monitor all call and SMS messages live. Your monitored logs are hidden safely on a https server that only you can access from any web browser at any time using your account information.

You don’t need to access the phone at all once the software is installed. You simply review the results online. All entries are recorded with time stamps and are even searchable through telephone numbers in case you would prefer to monitor a certain number. Another Feature is the CSV export which allows all logs to be downloaded to your hard drive.

VERIZON WARNING: If you run a Verizon service on your smartphone, GPS tracking will NOT function due to Verizon’s limitations on their GPS services.

Below is a list of all the possibilities you can record.

  • Call Logs
  • SMS Text Messages
  • GPS Location Log
  • Access all phone contacts
  • Personal Tasks
  • All Memos
  • Cellular ID Locations when entering a new area
  • Inbound and Outbound Email
  • Calender Events
  • URL Browsing Addresses
  • Photo and Video Log